Scaffold Innovation – Encapsulation

Oldfields Scaffold division innovating smart access solutions to the rail sector

The Sydney rail network has been in operation since 1855 and has become a hybrid suburban-commuter rail system with a central underground core that covers over 815 km of track and 178 stations across eight lines.

The network of 178 stations, all varying in age, are part of a rolling program of asset preservation and rehabilitation by Sydney Trains. Rail asset preservation presents a unique set of challenges which the team of expert scaffolders at Oldfields have, and continue to overcome, with outstanding results.

Housing a population of over 5 million people, Sydney must keep moving, even during maintenance works. This can mean that work is restricted to weekends and stations are sectioned to allow some rail lines to remain in operation in instances where there are multiple platforms.

Working with one of Australia’s leading asset preservation and rehabilitation consultancies, Oldfields Scaffold division has accrued a portfolio of intricate, specialised and resource intensive rail shutdowns across the Sydney rail network.

Typical project features:
• 36 hour window of time for total shut down / reopen, allowing an even smaller window of time for scaffold erection and dismantling.
• Multiple shutdowns of single stations in order to complete work in sections.
• Mobilisation of high-calibre RIW (Rail Industry Work) qualified scaffolders on Saturday and Sunday.
• Scaffold encapsulation using high grade polymer to ‘shrink wrap’ erected scaffolding to contain hazardous material such as lead paint during its removal.
• Accommodate vacuum extraction for hazardous material.
• Working alongside other specialised rail maintenance contract workers.
• Working to exclusion zones.
• Working near high-voltage electricity.
• Vast variations in station architecture.
• Decontamination of scaffold after work completion.
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