All Purpose

Pro Series

  • Best quality Universal Woven Polyester fabric & best quality thick Phenolic Core. Maintains shape and performance for continuous use
  • Designed for maximum durability & Maximum hold for long life
  • Excellent paint pick up, hold and even release for producing a fine smooth finish
  • The Polyester fabric used in this cover is specially formulated to ensure greater paint coverage, better pickup and longer life. Recommended by major paint companies and used by leading painting professionals
  • Designed for the professional trade painter
  • easy-clean
  • longer-filament
  • light-weight
  • tapered-ends
  • handmade

Ideal for

an extremely fine & smooth professional finish, the Pro Series covers provide superior quality results every time

Ideal for an extremely fine and smooth finish, these rollers are made from high quality woven polyester to provide maximum durability & maximum hold. The Pro Series provides superior quality results every time. Oldfields Pro Series covers are made from high quality fabrics, to provide maximum durability & hold.


75mm, 130mm, 180mm, 230mm 270mm, 360mm, 460mm