Paint Roller Trays

Complete Range

  • Light weight heavy duty strong & durable, solvent resistant plastic with sturdy design with impact resistance and suitable to use with all paints
  • Hooded trays are versatile paint buckets that can lay flat on the ground or be hooked onto ladders and scaffolding and are spatter resistant
  • Paint trays specially designed ridges to hold roller and frame when not in use. Deep wells to hold more paint
  • Smaller Trays are Ideal size for smaller areas where not much paint is required
  • Tray Liners are ideal for all painting projects that require easy disposal and quick colour changes. Environmentally friendly and saves water and cleaning time. Use with all paints
  • light-weight

Ideal for

regular high performance use by trade professional and for the home DIY project. Allows for easy movement and application of paint

Versatile roller tray & paint bucket that can lay flat on the ground or be used to hook onto some ladders & scaffolding jobs. As well as being able to reach greater heights, they can also reduce the risk of roller splatter on the user. Safe, Fast & Clean.


110mm, 160mm, 230mm, 270mm, 320mm