Roller Cover Frames

Pro Series

  • Handle made from solvent resistant polypropylene with moulded handle for comfort grip
  • Handle is internally threaded with a reinforced metal band to prevent splitting and rusting
  • Lightweight and easy to use making painting quick and easy
  • Threaded handle fits all standard extension poles
  • Adjustable U Frame is able to fit those extra-large rollers. Ideal for painting large surfaces quickly. Perfect for flooring & concreting. Perfect for flooring & concreating projects.
  • light-weight

Ideal for

regular high performance use by trade professional and for painting large surfaces quickly

The strongest & most durable roller frame for the professional painter using stainless steel, solvent resistant 5 wire cage for best performance & a metal ferrule to prevent the handle splitting. Does not leave tracking marks on walls.


230mm, 270mm
Adjustable – 270mm to 460mm